Watch: Eric Trump On Left’s Double Standard On Civility


President Trump’s son Eric Trump on explosive devices mailed to prominent Democrats, threats his family receives.




  1. How quick people forget how the leftists rampaged across the nation when Trump became president. Also was it a republican who shot up the republican baseball game? Who are the people that harass politicians in public places. Hypocrites.

  2. Dearly Mr. Eric Trump is fitting into this era. His beard looks nice.

    There is civility in growing a beard and appearing as a man today. We can learn our manners directly from the bible.

    Make a good read and spend some time with George Washington’s Rules on Civility. I have some that are very crucial to know that I noted and even employed. We can be more successful.

    Mr. Eric Trump is making more sense today. Maybe others can follow his good example. The democrats have zero civility in promoting an abomination driven lifestyle.

    One wonders if we are ever to go to a one party system in the future. Men can evolve within democratic terms. If the party’s are simply divided by the matter of abomination; there is no sense in a democratic party. It is fully anti-biblical and our faces and days are ruined with biased discussion of a zero interest game for the humanity that builds American life.

    Seems simple. I leave the politics to the party’s today but the silly thing is that we are just in contempt of good humane living. This may ever stop but learning more of Hashem’s universe will show if we have good faith to the Temple. It might be eras where Democrat ideas all for toeivah are put to final rest.

    One may wonder the future. Beards are always in. No toeivah. Willing men to honor constitution. And faith that men like Schumer may not agitate us by a bias of war small luck.

    Its interesting.


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