Watch: Elderly Man And Woman Participate In A Chalitzah



  1. I am so disgusted! There is no respect for human dignity left in this world for a long time now. But in our own communities??? Am I the only one who cringes at this video?
    There are many wonderful Torah learning initiatives on the rise BH. But if I could, I would promote the establishment of a Beis Hamussar in every community where there is Torah.

    • Ever hear the expression “Torah hi, va’ani tzarich lah”? If not, you will be surprised at where it appears in the Gemara. Find it, and study the sugya. Then you will understand why this video is so important.

    • You are disgusted about a mitzvah in the torah? It is not disgustng but a strict lesson in halachah, what if this woman wanted to remarry? without the chalitzah she wouldn’t be able to. I hve heard from talmidim of R’ Moshe how he layed on the floor to examine the spit of the almanah to make sure it was the spit referrered to in Yevomos!

  2. Poster #2, calm your liver! It is a Mitzva d’Oraisa and is very, very rare! Whenever it is performed a huge oilam is invited to witness the kiyum hamitzva. Nobody is belittled. It’s a kavod to the niftar! A mazel tov is wished at its conclusion!

  3. Can someone remind those of us that don’t remember when this is done. Is it that her husband was niftar and they had no children and his brother is supposed to marry her?

    • No, take off the shoe and spit in front of the yavam. follow the passuk.
      Then his brother’s wife shall approach him before the eyes of the elders and remove his shoe from his foot. And she shall spit before his face and answer [him] and say, “Thus shall be done to the man who will not build up his brother’s household!”


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