Watch: Editor Of Oldest Yiddish Paper In Eretz Yisroel Discusses The History Of Women In Magazines






  1. Times have changed there used to be no mechitza by Simcha’s in telz beis hatalmud etc , but since the nissyonos grew termendissly so did the chumros!!!! Very simple

  2. Some errors from the subtitles: שאיבדל לחיים is not may he be blessed with long life, rather: to distinguish me to live.
    ר’ בנימין רבינוביץ is not R Yehuda Rabinowitz.
    Pappenheim repeatedly said that Rav Amram Blau was the editor of Kol Yisroel, but it was his brother Rav Moshe Blau, an Agudist not Kanai, as shown in the video.
    The news station mistakenly placed a picture of Rav Yisroel Moshe Dushinski in place of Rav Yosef Tzvi.

    These decisions are obviously not regulated by Shulchan Aruch. Nobody claims they are. But if the Einei HaEidah believe that there is a threat to yiddishkeit today, it is irrelevant if it wasn’t the case 60 years ago. The Gedolei Torah are imbued with a sensitivity which we don’t have. If one wants to argue on Rav Binyamin Rabinowitz (who, incidentally was privileged to raise three Admorim-he must’ve been doing something right) let him first get used to learning without losing focus for well over 7 hours straight, then we can talk, Pappenheim. (See sefer Avodas Binyamin- an unbelievable work- for the recipe of how to get there. Hint: there are no shortcuts)

  3. There is a tremendous difference between color, high definition photos of women that the modernishe want to introduce into our media vs grainy, black and white photos of dos yiddishe licht which were hardly eye catching.

  4. “They shouldn’t have dared start. once they started they shouldn’t dare stop”
    As with all other Chumros and frumkeit

    (eg peyos,stockings,etc) It was wrong to start probably
    But now to stop would be forbidden with the travesty of Poretz geder


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