Watch: Dumpster On Fire At Shivtei Yisroel Protest



  1. Its very amazing to see that there are still yidden who care. They are not going to sit back and make “deals”. WE are in galus even in artzeinu hakedosha. Mi k’amcha yisrael. IyH vayter.

    • Ridiculous. Adam mu’ad le’olam, bein beshogeg, bein bemazid.

      There are FOUR sections to Shulchan Aruch. One of them is Choshen Mishpat, which these sinners are violating on a constant basis.

  2. Wow. Tremendous. I’ve never seen a picture or video of a burning garbage container in Geula. Unbelievable. Save this one for the record books.

  3. As continued protest, harassment of IDF soldiers & police together with property damage —all affect the Charedi vote & representation in Israeli cities.

    Time to change tactics & bring kavod to shamayim.


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