Watch: Dudi Knopfler feat. Mendy Worch – Baym Rebbe Uf Rosh Hashana


This song came about in an amazing way. About a week ago, Dudi was performing at a beautiful Kumzits in Manhattan; and was singing and playing around with some new tunes. As Dudi was playing a certain tune, one of the crowd members, talented singer Mendy Worch, approached Dudi and was very moved by this tune.

Mendy added in his own melody to help create this beautiful song. After a few renditions of this song with the crowd clearly this was something special. After such an inspiring evening, Dudi and Mendy sat down and collaborated on this song. Dudi chose this amazing concept for the lyrics with the hope that it will inspire the listener with געגועים to the Heilige R’ Nachman M’Breslov and merit Simcha Kol Hashana!


  1. Yes, the chorus is from Rebbe Nachman, saying “whoever was by me for rosh hashana has reason to be joyous the entire year.”


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