Watch: Dr. Oz: Flu Shots Are The Best Prevention


This flu season is on track to be the worst ever.




  1. Hey, the Wizzard if Oz called it right. I had it twice this season and I took the shot. It does come on quickly and loves to just linger on! It’s the pits.

  2. If oz is right, what’s the chiddush? All we hear all over the media since September is get the flu shot.
    ראשית חכמה יראת ה׳. These doctors think they know cause and prevention but really it’s all due to the way we follow the Torah.

  3. No proof that the flu shot helps. I know loads of people who took the shot and became even sicker. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admits that 88% of people getting the flu shot, get the flu. Is that in spite of the shot, or because of the shot?

    • Yes. The experts tell us that if you get the flu shot you will live forever. You will be saved from every and any type of sickness. No life insurance policy is necessary.

  4. my question is this. of the people who have died from the flu this year, how many got the flu shot, and more importantly how many of them took tamiflu? i suspect that tamiflu may be causing some of the deaths


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