Watch: Dr. Meir Wikler On “Three Words We Hate To Hear From Our Children”


Dr. Meir Wikler (#14) Three Words We Hate To Hear From Our Children

“It’s Not Fair!!”, the great “Fairness Doctrine”, and how to deal with it…
Reb Meir Wikler, is a Ben Torah, long time therapist, inspiring speaker, and bestselling author, who lives in Brooklyn.
At the request of “Yungerleit” in Lakewood, Reb Meir has agreed to speak on a monthly basis.
Packed with personal experience, and Divrei Torah, the “Vaad” attracts many men to come hear it live, and thousands of people to watch it on various media platforms…
The next va’ad will B’ezras Hashem be, Sunday night, on January 29th, in the Sterling Forest Beis Medrash (144 Hadassah Lane Lakewood, N.J.).
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