Watch: Dovid Gruman’s Positive Campaign Message in Race for Lakewood Township Committee



  1. A great man who is in it for the klal, with absolutely no alternate agenda.
    Enough with the town being run as pay for play scheme.

  2. I know David for a long time. A real doer. An authentic Askan with A huge heart.
    Hope he wins. Will be a big win for us in Lakewood.

  3. Most of Lakewood is independents and can vote in a democratic primary just declare at the polling station. Its crucial we all go out and show support for Reb. Dovid. Please join me tomorrow and vote for David Gruman.

  4. I know Dave a long time. He is honest, hard working and fair- most definitely the right candidate for positive change. I will be voting for Dave tomorrow!

  5. I will not be voting for him, as I don’t see enough reason to stab the Vaad and the Roshei hayeshiva in the back.


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