Watch: Does Halacha Allow Smoking On Yom Tov and Fast Days?



  1. If only it were that the issue for today’s generation would be smoking cigarettes in spite of it being unhealthy. Unfortunately, marajawana use is rampart in our community and in addition, in places where legalized our youth ignore the many well documented health problems it causes and point to legalization as a rationale to ignore the health issues.

  2. The speaker here used the term “………a bull session” during his presentation. Maybe I’m from the old school but I feel that term inappropriate to use by daas Torah.

  3. I can’t believe what I just watched. I’m stunned.

    This rabbi calls smoking an “issue”, as if there really are two legitimate sides to the health question involved, and cites “most doctors” as of the opinion that it’s dangerous.

    There is no “issue” here. There aren’t two sides. No doctor on earth, anywhere, thinks that smoking is appropriate, or healthy, or anything remotely along those lines. All agree, unanimously, that smoking is a worldwide scourge of epic proportions, responsible for the premature deaths of millions globally due to lung cancer and other cancers, bronchitis, emphasema, and heart disease.

    The only place on earth where smoking is an “issue” is in the Yeshiva and Chasidic worlds, where noone knows any science, Baruch Hashem, and noone ever will. So they’re left with teshuvos of Rav Moshe, ztl, where he writes that one shouldn’t start smoking. Sadly, even that’s ignored by many.

    The rest of this is a chakira into whether one can or should smoke on Rosh Hashana, or Tisha B’Av, and, if Tisha B’Av, then is it ok before or after chatzos? Are you for real? Are you really standing there teaching me as to whether it’s ok to inhale pure poison, which product has hundreds, if not thousands, of poisonous additives, and which is designed to addict its consumer?

    Have all of us Orthodox Jews gone mad?

    Happily, no. You’ll find virtually no smoking in YU, a place of rugged individuals. But that’s because many of those guys are on their way to medical school. They know and trust the science of tobbaco addiction. The rest of the yeshiviz? Not so much.

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