Watch: DiGenova: There Was Brazen Plot To Frame Trump


Former US attorney Joe DiGenova says there was a brazen plot within the FBI to exonerate Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing and to frame Trump of a falsely constructed crime if she lost the presidential election. DiGenova also says the ‘lost’ texts beteween two FBI agents can be recovered.




  1. 1974 – Nixon was forced to resign as President for deleting 18.5 minutes of tape
    2014 – Hillary deletes 30,000 emails and is top candidate for President

    Hillary and Obama along with members of the FBI and DNC paid British spy Christopher Steel who has Russian connections 12 million dollars to write a fake dossier on Trump with salacious details to use against him in the campaign.

  2. Even worse than framing Trump, the FBI went a step further:

    The 50,000 missing text messages between FBI chief investigator Strzok and his mistress, FBI attorney Lisa Page, were removed by the FBI (sanitized) precisely because the text messages contained discussion of assassinating President Trump and/or members of his family!

  3. Why continue spending additional taxpayer’s money on the investigation of the Russian hoax if it’s official that this was Clinton’s, FBI and CIA’s plot to frame Trump?


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