Watch: Did Former Obama Officials Help Create Anti-Trump Dossier?


Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends First.’




  1. They weren’t former, yet, when they engaged in this libelous activity. As federal employees, doing their boss’s bidding, they should be held accountable.

  2. Obama, Comey and the entire click knew all along about this dossier. They’re first class liars just like Hillary who lied about it all along. They are all equally corrupt and guilty and should all be arrested.

    You asked the FBI – who was involved in this criminal act – whether they were paying the dossier authors LOL !@#$%

    Comparing Donald Trump jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer to the criminal act of Hillary and Obama is silly. Did DT plan to undermine Obama, Hillary or anyone else?

  3. Classic racism by Faux News. They’re only spewing forth this slanderous report because President Obama is an African American. Those reporters should be arrested for a hate crime. They are just trying to rile up their white racist base to go out and harm people of color.


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