Watch: Der Bahn (The Train) – Stunning Rendition By Shira Choir, Ruvi Banet


Paralleling the journey of Jewish life that seems to frequently pass through the gates of the Mir Yeshiva, Shira Choir collaborated with musical arranger Ruvi Banet at the annual Mir Dinner to perform “Der Bahn” (The Train), a tempo-rubato march that rises and falls as a kaleidoscopic montage of life’s most rewarding travels.

This song was composed decades ago by Yudel Kaufman Edelson, a famous composer from the Modzitzer kehillah. He lived in Warsaw before World War 2 and was known as Rosh Hachazanim (Chief of the Cantors) for his timeless compositions.

Drums – Norbert Goldberg
Piano – Yaron Gershovsky
Bass – Mitch Friedman
Guitar – Mike Coon
Sax – Cliff Lyons
Trumpet – Jordan Hirsch, Ben Holmes
Trombone – Charles Gordon
Strings – Stanisluv & co.

Arranged & conducted by: Ruvi Banet
Live sound and engineering: Shy Clyman-Sc events inc.
Mixed: Chaim Gottesman
Video: Motty Engel


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