Watch: Democrats Unhappy With Trump’s Sanctuary City Plan


Reaction from Democratic strategist Mustafa Tameez and Republican strategist Kimberly Klacik.



  1. Mustafa Tameez???
    Need we say more? Dumb stupid democrat. Eric Garcetti and Gavin Newsom are clearly racists because they won’t allow minority immigrants into their cities and States. They don’t want to ruin their all white neighborhood’s. I’m surprised we still have such rampant racism in California.


    hey Dems/Libs/Socialists – you can’t have the cake and cream and eat it too.

    you created your own problem by going against an elected President of the United States.
    you put your foot in your mouth – now eat it………………..

  3. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is having a hard time trying to explain the first 100 days of a Democrat controlled House of Representatives.
    Despite flaunting their majority control, Democrats haven’t really been able to accomplish anything since taking over the House.
    They’ve approved bill on campaign finance and gun control, but both those initiatives will die out in the Senate.
    They tried to override Trump’s national emergency declaration, but couldn’t gather the votes needed to overturn his veto.
    In fact, many of what has been passed by the House are non-binding resolutions that hardly influence U.S. politics, like the watered-down bill that was intended to condemn anti-Semitism.
    All this seems lost on Pelosi who during an interview on “60 Minutes” avoided answering questions about low productivity by saying how “awesome” she is at her job.
    “The power of the speaker is to set the agenda. We didn’t have a speaker who would bring a gun bill to the floor. We didn’t have a speaker who would bring a Dreamer’s issue to the floor. We do now, and that’s a very big difference. The power of the speaker is awesome. Awesome.,” Pelosi said.
    The only thing “awesome” about Pelosi and the House she presides over is how little they’ve managed to impact Trump’s policies despite fighting him at every turn.

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