WATCH: Democrat Joe Biden in Munich Said America Today Is “An Embarrassment”



  1. In psychology, this is called projection. You ascribe to others your own failings. Crazy Uncle Joe is an embarrassment to himself and to the USA.

  2. Joe Biden hasn’t been seen in public for over 2 months now, so they need to refurbish something he said years ago. Give regards to Obama and Hillary if they’re still around….

  3. The only embarrassment is the idiotic gender confusion ,toeva,passage of laws to murder babies,socialist nuts, and antics of the hypocritical Democratic Party!

  4. So Joe Biden HIMSELF is bothered that America is an embarrassment. It’ll soon be official WHO makes America the embarrassment….? In the meantime, one quick Google search or, better yet, Duckduckgo search (as they don’t block the truth) will reveal the names.

  5. What a fumbling bumbling bafoon. He can’t even get out a coherent sentence. A real dummy. How did he ever become Senator in Delaware?


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