Watch: ‘Deep State’ Debate: New Poll Says Americans Think It Exists


Rep. Mark Walker reacts to new Monmouth Poll results.




  1. Those who trust Fake News and their propaganda media who cover up the atrocities of the Deep State/FBI/CIA Mafia are too naive to notice what’s really going on in the government. Everything Fake News doesn’t spoon-feed them with is considered “conspeeeeracy” which only nuts believe.

    • “Everything Fake News doesn’t spoon-feed them with is considered “conspeeeeracy” which only nuts believe.”
      Awwww, it’s so cute when a nutter tries to preempt others from pointing out that he’s a nutter. Too bad that he’s still a nutter though.

      • Rather an open-minded conspiracy nutter than a naive gullible fool who ignores facts and realities and believes fiction and lies.

        • Best of all is the nutter who makes up his own “fiction[s] and lies”, believes them, and expects everyone else to believe them too.
          Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present for your viewing pleasure the Energizer Bunny of conspiracy theorists. Still going…

  2. Of course it exists. Who would be so stupid as to believe it does not.- only the Dems and the media who are their collaborators.

  3. I’m still waiting for a genuine explanation as to how the plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon on Sep 11th was able to fly approx. 500 miles per hour AT GROUND LEVEL?! It’s impossible! The way god created the laws of nature, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! Wht can’t they just release the footage???

      • Not a single light pole was knocked down? Not a single guard rail was hit? Not a single roof was scaled? The gas station across the street didnt catch fire?
        Let’s not just ignore the FACTS as they were.
        I’m not denying terrorists were involved, but the story the government is feeding us, doesn’t ring true.
        What are they covering up from the American people? We, as taxpayers, have a right to know. Release the videos already.

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