Watch: Decades Old Footage Of Lag Ba’Omer in Meron



    • and what does what happens in meron every year have to do with Judaism? Men leaving their family home to have a party weekend? this is not an ashkanaz minhag! if the sephardim have this minhag it doesnt make it than a chasidish then misnagdish one!

  1. It appears to be a Lag B’Omer celebration in the early days of Israel’s independence (likely in 1949). The crowd is bringing a sefer Torah, an Israeli flag, and planting a tree in honor of the occasion in Meiron.

  2. It is small clips attached not all at the same time. Most clips with buildings are the zion of Reb Shimon. It looks like a Zionist propaganda video. Not a frum environment.


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