Watch: Daniel Krauthammer on His Father, Charles Krauthammer: Making His Point


Daniel Krauthammer, son of Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Charles Krauthammer, tells moving stories of Charles as a father and husband, and reveals never-before-seen footage from his private life.



  1. Charles Krauthammer was brilliant, knowledgeable, logical, persuasive and a very decent man. Every Friday I’d read his column before anything else in the paper. His columns had a moral clarity, regardless of whether the issue at hand was a right-wing or left-wing topic. He had the ability to disagree with people in a calm, low-key way, absent the shrill name-calling and personal attacks that are all too common nowadays. His brave final column announcing his imminent death from the cancer he’d been fighting for a year was typical in its clarity and matter-of-factness and sans self-pity or regret. I selfishly miss his columns and wish that he’d been able to keep penning them for many more years. The one thing I’d disagree with him strongly about was that while he himself said he had no regrets of how he lived his life, I wish he’d been a shomer Torah umitzvos.


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