Watch: Dancing in Shul to Shmuelly Ungar’s “Mach a Bracha”



  1. Many of you are going to say that its inappropriate to be dancing this way in Shule especially with Tallis and Teffilin.
    While I am not saying it is inappropriate, it is beautiful to see so many different types of people, ashkenazik, sefardik, modern, chasidish together and dancing to one amazing song!
    Mach Ah Bracha!

  2. How immature and disgusting people want are sitting in the shul learning and these clowns dance around in their talis and tefilin
    Bizayon haTorah

  3. Which Shul is this? I see the oilam definitely enjoys their morning coffee. Maybe this is the way they get their hisbodidus. Where is the music coming from? The Shul has ceiling speakers? I see Rabbi YY Jacobson was there.

    • The Shul is called Ohr Chaim 18 Forshay in Monsey, also known as Scheiner’s shul.

      This is right after the vasikin minyan.

      Rabbi YY Jacobson davens and speaks at this shul.

      • Kol hakavod to all those that daven Vasikin every day. What a commitment! When I was younger, I tried it a few times but couldn’t handle it. If only I was able to get to bed earlier, then maybe I stood a chance. Nu nu. Chaval.

  4. My hero. Guy eating. Too much jump for study concentration. Hard dancing with holy tefillin is just bone bother to the holy.

    Tactic. Eat. Get energy to daven.


  5. “everything has to be spiritual man.” takes puff of something that looks like a cigarette.

    where does chasidus start a misnagdus separate? all tzimished


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