Watch: Cuomo Presses Netanyahu On Israel’s Nuclear Capability


Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu says Israel has evidence Iranian officials were lying when they said Iran wasn’t pursuing nuclear weapons.



  1. Everyone knows Israel has nukes. Everyone also knows that Israel is a peace-loving country and didn’t even use those nukes when it was suffering horrific battlefield losses during the Yom Kippur war. The only countries and individuals who are bothered by Israel’s nukes are those who actively seek to destroy it r”l or would cheer its destruction.

    So, after all of the above is said, why doesn’t Israel simply admit the obvious – that it has nukes, but would only consider using them as a very last resort? The answer is simple – although Israel never signed the non-proliferation treaty, acknowledging that it actually possesses nukes would trigger automatic sanctions against it (and probably other diplomatic pressures, too). This way they can have their cake and eat it, too – the deterrence of the ultimate weapon without the penalties that come with possessing it.


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