Watch: Creative Carpool To Vizhnitzer Rebbe’s Levaya



  1. What a horrible example to show of how not to act. It’s not just foolhardy but also plain dangerous to be hanging on to a car from the outside while it goes through red lights. It’s not funny and it sets a terrible example for any kids who might watch it.

  2. Let’s not judge anyone.
    Young people do this stuff all the time.
    I’m sure the police understand that this is not an everyday event. Many people hang on to cars just look at the secret service or fire department. Years ago teenagers would hang on to the back of busses for a free ride.Today the young liberal types on skateboards latch on to peoples cars on bridges and speed along with the cars. I had it happen to my car. On Purim you see many times kids sitting by dressed up on top of cars.

  3. In addition to the danger of hanging on to the outside of a moving vehicle, the car had lights flashing. Isn’t it also illegal to use emergency lights in a non emergency situation? Sometimes there are people in our community who act like primitives when it comes to laws and especially when it comes to safety. And people who do adhere to civilized standards of safety are made fun of, as being “too straight.”

  4. Oh please. Lighten up. It looked like fun. Lemaaseh nothing happened. No one hot hurt. Taking a stinking worthless flu shot that’s loaded with extremely dangerous toxins is 10 times worse than having a little fun. Get your priorities straight.

  5. That’s what happens when leaders go with lights and sirens then the stupid idiot followers think that this is also fine. They should stop and arrested leaders and stop an arrest of followers and put him in jail no fines.

  6. Had the police stopped this driver for absolutely unsafe and utterly idiotic behavior, they would have been deemed antisemites, who have no appreciation for a tzadik.


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