Watch: Coulter: A Wall Is The Only Thing That Will Work


Syndicated columnist Ann Coulter weighs in on the migrant caravan at US-Mexico border.




  1. A wall with electric wires on top so that they shouldn’t be able to climb over it as they’re already doing now.

  2. Ann is. She reads a lot.

    Makes her smart. This era is going her way. Anyone who hates abominations is being bettered right now.

    Our esteem is a redeemed Israel. No jew should touch abomination. Hashem merits davening. ALL jews. Reform and conservative are suffering. Make it so. Daven more.

    Kosher food is good. Any jew to choose otherwise is not protected from high being. Hashem means his bible.

    Good for Ann. I am less averaged out as a democrat by her antics.

  3. BE AWARE that supporting coulter in anyway is supporting a JEW HATER, A BELIEVER IN REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY. Years ago on an interview with Donny Deutsch 11 years ago: ALSO ALSO She said that Donny is not a good Jew that’s why xtians replaced Jews and he should accept ‘that man jc’. She is irrelevant in this world where we might let her let things slide in exchange for Jewish support but if Jews do that then we are saying we need her and not HASHEM.

  4. Shame on Matzav for quoting anything this Coulter says. She is a Sonei Yisroel, calling Yidden “%$&*! Jews”, “Globalists” and that “Jews need to be perfected” by Yoshke.

    Shem risho’im yirkav. Fech.

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