Watch: CNN Rips Jared and Ivanka For Receiving A Brocha From R’ Yitzchok Yosef




  1. It was the CNN monkeys who compared black people to monkeys. Why in the world would anyone still listen to propaganda from these ignorant fools?

  2. This G-dless evil Fake News was also upset that President Trump and the First Lady went for a blessing to the priest.

  3. But Obama sitting at Jeremiah Wright’s racist hate-filled sermons for 20+ years is not a problem for these, oh so concerned, black men!

  4. Why would we watch this. They are on a different planet then the Rabbi. I looked at these people and wondered why anyone would listen to them or care about their opinions? Who are they and what have they done to deserve my attention?!

  5. Oley. the wit of good planning.

    The Kushners can have no problem with what Israel wishes. They are not responsible to edit the rabbis and their past remarks.

    Sadly, but if the rabbi is out of sync, who would know the credit a blessing. But in touch with nice well wishes, let El Matador of the CNN prize network work its own wishes somewhere else.

    We are quite nice in America and Israel. I talk to all my black fellow-Americans when I see them. They may or may not be orthodox in manner.

    Still, I guess Oley, Oley, Oley. CNN wants a matador show for the world. This was not worth much a comment.

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