WATCH: CNN ‘National Security Analyst’ Philip Mudd Goes Crazy, Screams at Black Trump Supporter Paris Dennard To ‘Get Out’ Of CNN Studio



    • The truth is what Mudd said.
      They are allowed to keep their clearance since they advise the new administration for free.

  1. CNN Fake News doesn’t need much proof to being the Enemies of the People. They’re providing plenty of it themselves.

  2. Let’s be real honest why do they have the clearance what are they contributing to this country that requires them to have it

  3. Ha! Phillip Mudd really doesn’t seem too bright. He is unable to keep a coherent argument. Neither can he adequately comprehend what the other gentleman was saying. !כל הכועס אם חכם הוא חכמתו מסתלקת ממנו


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