Watch: CNN Cuts Off Bernie Sanders Live On Air For Saying CNN Is Fake News



CNN interviewed Bernie Sanders on Friday and asked him about General Flynn’s talks with Russia before taking office. They played a clip of President Trump saying he was unaware of the reports on General Flynn and asked Bernie Sanders if he thinks that’s a problem.

Gateway Pundit reported that Bernie responded, “Well I don’t know. Maybe he was watching CNN fake news. What do you think? It was a joke!”

CNN’s Erin Burnett responded awkwardly saying, “I, I know it was a joke…I’m saying you don’t buy what he said obviously”

At this point Bernie Sanders couldn’t hear the CNN anchor and he kept asking, “Are we on?”

They quickly cut to commercial break… AWKWARD.




  1. This is fake news. CNN didn’t cut him off for saying “fake news”, which was a jab at Trump, not at CNN, he simply couldn’t hear the anchor.

  2. You once again got it totally wrong! Sanders was poking fun at Trump for calling CNN fake news and then they lost connection. Nothing awkward at all.

  3. This is such a non story except for the fact that the caption is so misleading …. at best.. No fan of Bernie Sanders but my gosh! he wasn’t cut off for saying anything. In fact he wasn’t even cut off but rather CNN lost contact with him as such they went to a commercial break. Why would Matzav write something that is so factually wrong?

  4. Gentlemen,
    Sorry, you’re wrong. The director at CNN was so worried that Bernie will say something more against CNN that his quick reflex cut him off before he could say anything and they went to a commercial.


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