Watch: Clinton: Men Who Lose Elections Aren’t Told To ‘Go Away’


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accuses those advising her to leave 2016 in the past of being sexist; Peter Doocy shares a roundup of top political stories.




  1. Men who lose elections don’t need to be told that; they don’t hang around crying about it all through the next four years.

  2. Hillary, had you been a goodhearted person, doing good deeds like OUR current President and the First Lady, you might have had a chance. G-d hates evil and corruption and He hates witches like you which is why you lost in a landslide.

  3. When Gore considered running again he certainly was told to go away and the butt of many jokes for his considering not to.

  4. Because men who lose elections usually do not hang on for years kvetching and sinking the party if they did, they would be told to go away. That said, please stay, Hillary! you are the best thing possible-for the Republicans.

  5. At least McCain and Romney didn’t keep complaining after they lost. Neither did Ted Cruz. Hillary is a delusional woman who, like Joe Biden, thinks the whole world just loves them. They are both “nobodys” who we pray would just leave us alone already and GET OUT OF OUR LIVES!!!

  6. Black sheep of history. She needs sheared by our commentary on why never to wear pants as a woman. It is not orthodox.


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