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  1. Why are the men circling the groom along with women?

    Opaque veil with short sleeves?

    Kappoteh with colored socks?

    These Chassidim need to make up their minds…

    “When your wellsprings shall spread to the outside.”… Does not include making a show of Jewish tradition and ritual

    Mazal Tov

    • 1-
      Q- Why are the men circling the groom along with women?
      A- Minhag Chaba”d in some places.

      Q- Opaque veil with short sleeves?
      A- This veil was used by the Rebbitzen Chaya Mushka at her wedding and is often used at Chaba”d weddings.

      Q- Kappoteh with colored socks?
      A- Indeed…

  2. Places have meaning. Times Square has the ignominious reputation as having been a place of tuma. Even today, performers dress (or should I say undress) in the most provocative attire. Looking at the video, there were pictures of immodest women on the billboards. Is that a place where we want to begin the foundation of a Jewish home? Methink not. Someone wasn’t thinking.

  3. I’m assuming that it’s to politically incorrect to point out what a stupid idea this is. When did this Judaism is their face begin? With the public menorah lighting?

  4. Mazel Tov to the couple & may they have much happiness in their life. But, of all places to make a chuppah, how low can someone get? Times Square? What is are generation coming to?

  5. With all the immodest billboards in Times Square, methinks they could have chosen a better place to start a bayis ne’eman.

  6. They could’ve turned this into a Broadway show and charged admission. That would cover a lot of the cost of this wedding. I believe the chabad rules the world and we just live here.

  7. What would the Rebbe have felt about holding a chuppah in such a venue???
    מי יגלה עפר מעיניך….

  8. “Yofuzu ma’aynosecho chutzo – l’mata neasara tefachim” a place that CAN NOT get any lower.
    That is the meaning of a DEEP FOUNDATION!

  9. Making a wedding in Times Square, which stands for the worst tuma that’s shaich, shows a tremendous lack of yiras shomayim. We all know the famous story of Reb Elchanon Wasserman as he was a passenger in a car as they were driving past Times Square. I see Shlomo Simcha was performing there. What’s their cheshbon? To be mikarev goyim? Terrible matzav we have going over here.

    • That’s arguable, since they were enclosed in a chuppah for one, and also mekadesh beShuk is the expression used for an impromptu (kiddushin) marriage I.e. without pre-arrangement.

      In this case there was pre arrangement and pre plan in by both the חתן and כלה.
      I know ֽ because the חתן was on the radio (religion on line) talking about his upcoming wedding.

  10. I walk through times square everyday twice a day going to PABT. It’s not that bad. Now would I do a Chasunah there? No. Whatever happened to dan lchav zechus? Maybe they met a Chabad Shliach at that location or something? Maybe to this couple there is a significant religious meaning to the location. But for everyone to sit here (and for matzav to post) and criticize this couple is a bit over the top.

    Mazel Tov to the chosson and kallah.

    • Yayayay, we have a defender. The “it’s not that bad guy”. Lcsl. Get a life. Tehilim point is against for posting such garbage not against obvious lunatics whom apparently have no concept of kedusha vs. Tumah and what a Jewish wedding is all about. Lol.

  11. @ anonymous 1:15- you are totally wrong and getting confused with מקדש בלא שידוכי. See Kiddushin 12b. This was a real mekadesh bashuk which is forbiddrn due to its publicity.

  12. Why would anyone in his right mind want to get married in such a public place like Times Square? Did they do it for kiruv? (Obviously they’re Lubavitch)

  13. The passersby likely got the chills when they watched this awesome chuppah. I would have loved to had been there to joyously join the Hechts in the Simcha. May they build a Binyan Adei Ad.

    • They really didn’t. Really.
      They crowded around and gazed in wonderment as they took pictures.
      The only people that got the chills were the people that forgot to bring coats along. It was rather chilly.

  14. אין חילול השם גדול מזה
    These people are totally out of control!!
    Aren’t we in exile, maybe abit of modesty?!?!
    These people should be embarrassed of themselves, they are a disgrace to the entire Jewish nation!! A chupa in Times square?!?!
    Go back to 770!! Even the Lubavitcher Rabbi would say make a new kosher chupa.

    • Chilul H?! Get it into your little head: Chilul H is defined by decreasing Kovod Shamaim in the world, not by PR and seeking goyishe approval. Now, I would agree that making chupa in the midst of Times square’s tuma is not spiritually appropriate, but what you are saying is entirely different: you, sir, are embarrassed of being a Jew, and you have a pathologic obsession with seeking praise from those that hate you no matter what you do.

    • WOW!
      Quite the indictment.
      At some point you cross the line from kana’i to krakpot.
      You can agree or disagree. But nobody commenting on Matzav has the pleitzes to decide what is or what is not “a disgrace to the entire Jewish nation”

  15. Everyone has a right to choose what they want for their Chupa if you haven’t noticed they didn’t ask your opinion.
    No I am not Chabad and no I don’t know who they are.

  16. 1. Why?
    2. How did they find a direction without pritzus to face while making the brachos?
    3. Just why?
    I REALLY hope this is some sort of stunt

    • 1-
      Q- Why?
      A- I somehow highly doubt that you will find the answer to that over here…

      Q- How did they find a direction without pritzus to face while making the brachos?
      A- They had no view of of any pritzus.. The chuppa was surrounded by participants on all four sides and those beneath the chuppa could not see outside their immediate vicinity.

      Q- Just why?
      A- Good shailah!

    • Another am hooretz screaming Chilul H. How did this decrease Kovod Shamaim in the world? The only reason I could think of is making brachos in a prirtzusdike place. That wasn’t your reasoning though – you misinterpret the entire concept of Kidush H to cover up your pathological obsession with seeking goyishe approval. Your shrink might find it fascinating.

  17. According to this was the family’s explanation “We are making a statement on marriage and Jewish marriage in particular,” Rabbi Shea Hecht told COLlive. “Many people don’t believe in marriage, and we hope this will make a statement. Spiritually speaking, we need to conquer the world, and what better way to do it with a Jewish wedding,” he said.

    • Where in the Torah does it say “we need to conquer the world”? What’s next? The Strip at Las Vegas? The ball has dropped for all to see.

    • No, they all went into a local Starbucks for the coffee and then they proceeded to the Walgreens next door and bought mixed nuts, cookies & some chips. Then for desert they all had ice cream from the passing Jewish ice cream truck still playing that annoying a capella music.

  18. Poskim say not to use ones own private shomeh Eisreh as a forum to make shul announcements such as saying יעלה ויבוא real loud for purpose of reminding others. Even if they are right about getting a message out about the value of marriage, it seems incorrect to use their own actual wedding as the forum to do so.

    • Wow. You sure are great at making assumptions. Perhaps you can actually learn the psak you have mentioned, then see if the reasoning is like you have assumed.


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