Watch: Chris Christie Opens Up On The 2016 Presidential Campaign And The Trump Presidency


Former New Jersey governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie joins Jesse Watters to discuss his new book ‘Let Me Finish.’



  1. (Gateway Pundit) – In 2016, numerous private emails from the Democrat Party (DNC) were released to the public by WikiLeaks. The emails unveiled activities of wrong doing by the Democrat and the Hillary camp and so the mainstream media (MSM) mostly ignored them. Soon after, the Democrats claimed that they were hacked by Russians.

    New evidence shows that these emails most likely were never hacked at all, let alone by Russians.

    In their recent book suggesting the Russians are to blame for Hillary’s 2016 election loss, far-left writers Michael Isikoff and David Corn, two individuals involved in promoting and releasing the fake Trump – Russia dossier, attempt to tie the release of DNC emails to Russia. In their book Russian Roulette, Isikoff and Corn share the following about the firm (CrowdStrike) the Democrats used to look into their data breach (p. 74) –.
    One of CrowdStrike’s first moves was to advise the DNC officials to do nothing. Don’t shut down the system. Don’t stop using it. The reason: Any dramatic action or change in routine could alert the hackers they had been spotted, and then the intruders might take steps to make it impossible to ferret them out of the system.” (Isikoff, p. 74)


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