Watch: Chosson Sings On The Mic While Kallah Plays The Drums



      • The people at the wedding could see her. According to the laws of Tznius, a woman must not do anything that attracts attention to herself. Also her elbows are exposed, and the Halacha is that a woman’s elbows must be covered.

  1. Maybe it’s better our young people should learn to play musical instruments as a healthy outlet rather than turn to opioids. I would bet that if the schools would incorporate this into their curriculums we would have many fewer cases of OTD and Many fewer cases of drug addiction.

  2. How could Matzav possibly put a VIDEO of a woman playing music on their website? Did you consult a posek about the clear Issur of posting pictures? Mamash mefurash (somewhere) and mukubal in the heimeishe tzibbur – no photos or videos of women – kol kvuda bas melech pnima. Certainly not a MOVING picture.

    The breach of tznius will be machshil bochurim to seek kallos who play instruments , leading to an even greater shidduch crisis.

  3. This makes me SICK!!!!! How can we Yidden chase away Hashem from a wedding? A wedding without Tznius is a wedding with out Hashem. When there is No Schinah there is No Mazel in their lives Chas VeSholom.

    SORRY: But This is plain and pure Disgusting. In ELUL??????
    Time to do Teshuva.

  4. you all try to sound like such tzadikim and such frum holy people!! did you ever think of bein odam lechavaro to?? how embaressed this kala will be when she reads your comments!! im not to judge weather or not its tznious but i think you people should keep your comments to yourself. again i dont know if what they did is right or wrong but if it is wrong then i hashems eyes you all posters are more wrong!

  5. “Matzav does everything al pi halacha”

    LOL!!!! That is the funniest comment ever (sure, like when they constantly post pritzus and articles that have zero Jewish value).

  6. Why cant people just look at their own shortcomings instead of bashing someone elses in a Public Forum? I find it interesting that all those that are bashing Matzav and the Kallah, actually watched the entire thing and then decided to complain. Chazal said Kol Hapoisel Bemoumoi Poisel. Go fix your own Taivahas and then start worrying about another persons Yiddishkeit

    • you dont post questionable content and than give mussar to people who criticize it. whats next a non tzniusdig picture??

  7. To all you despicable critics: this heartwarming musical experience happened at the end of a beautiful wedding in front of close friends and family. Stop the preaching and go say some Tehillim! Wishing all a ksiva v’chasima tova!

  8. Mazal Tov!!!!
    This is such a nice video.
    Thank you Matzav for sharing it.
    Like I always tell my kids: “Different people do different things” No need to get hung up about it.
    may we only have simchas in klall yisroel!

  9. To all you holier than thou critics: this heartwarming musical experience took place at the end of a beautiful wedding in front of close friends and family. Stop preaching and go say some Tehillim. Wishing all a k’siva v’chasima tova!

  10. This prob happened in elder heim all the time
    U think every place was Williamsburg or new square ?
    I bet kallas in see heim used to do some shtick themselves
    Matzah is not for bnei torah
    Bnei torah need to learn
    Matzav is like pirchei for adults

  11. What’s all the fuss about you guys ?…..Listern to what the choson is singing instead of staring at the drummer…..קול ששון וקול שמחה קול חתן you hear that,and then וקול כלה thats what you hear too but in an extremely modest way,she’s not singing like the choson is she?…..

  12. And in Der Heim people didnt wear $4,000 wigs, splurge on Jewelry, go on exotic vacations , live beyond their means, eat out in fancy restaurants , be heavily into fashion and buy expensive clothing. Get the drift?

  13. Disgusting. To all those who do not condone this behavior, or at least do not condemn for posting this. I challenge you to find one authentic orthodox rov who would allow this pirtzah.

  14. For the guy or girl who said its Elul stop being a faker if in your opinion it’s not appropriate then all year round it’s isn’t appropriate I’m sure you have done things that requires teshuva so worry about yourself not a kallah who is just enjoying her wedding!!!!!

  15. for those who thing she was wrong you’re a loser… I was at the wedding and she was amazing and you’re all just jealous that your not as good as her at the drums


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