Watch: Chillul Shabbos Protest In Yerushalayim


Residents of Yerushalayim were out in protest on Shabbos afternoon against chilul Shabbos.

There were shouts of a death penalty for those ignoring the Torah.

The Jerusalem police spokesman’s report states protesters bothered passersby as they tried closing streets and stores.

The protests moved to city center and confronted bar and store owners. Then police arrives. They returned to Rechov HaNevi’im, and while most adults headed home, the children and youths threw items at passing vehicles. There were no reports of arrests.


{ Israel News}


  1. What purpose does Matzav have for showing this other to make a chilul Hashem and to allow people to feel very self righteous by protesting the manner of this protest?

  2. This video was shown awhile ago.
    It’s disgusting horrible ethics for Jewish education.
    Love the way the customers are laughing. lol I am too.

    What a shame

  3. of course the police report did not include the violence committed by police against men and boys, neither did they document it. police were egging on local residents to throw objects at the protesters, which they did with glee. there were no arrests because none of the protesters did anything illegal. this is a regular, legal protest. police violence is also regular and apparently the police think it’s legal too

    • When you gather as a group to go and scream at people you have no right to complain about being egged on.

      Nor do you have any right to complain about their reaction. You asked for it.

  4. This coming Shabbos I want to go into town and visit these stores and apologize to them for the way these people acted. I’d also like to tell them that Shabbos is actually a beautiful day and a beautiful part of our Faith which they, as Jews, also have a part in. If they would like to learn more about what it means to keep Shabbos and how to do so properly then I would be more than happy to provide them with the relevant information. Also part Shabbos are the 3 meals that we ate in honor of the Shabbos, perhaps they would like to join one!

    • how beautiful are your sentiments.
      unfortunately you are overlooking the fact that these people are enjoying trampling all over Shabbos. They know exactly what they are doing – they are protesting what they view as the chareidi takeover of Yerushalayim.
      it’s the same kind of people who protest at having to keep properly kosher in order to get a hechsher from the rabbanut. they don’t understand why bugs are such a problem in lettuce and good luck trying to explain it to them. After all, they will respond, “Hakadosh Baruch Hu rotzeh et halev” and what we actually do is really quite irrelevant.

      • “people are enjoying trampling all over Shabbos. They know exactly what they are doing – they are protesting what they view as the chareidi takeover of Yerushalayim.”

        Yeah because they don’t understand what Shabbos is or what it means a malacha that’s ossur, etc. They are indeed upset that they can’t open their stores, go out to eat, etc. Because they don’t realize that Shabbos is a deeper thing than just “not working”…

        • David,

          Some of these stores had grandparents who were frum and may have even dwelled in mea She’arim
          Being overly simplistic assuming “because they don’t understand what Shabbos is or what it means a malacha that’s ossur, etc.”

  5. Disgusting for Matzav “Daas Torah” to post this video. YOU guys are hypocrites Yes You are Fakers its obvious that you want to get ratings but more so you are pandering to the left and Modern Mizrahi crowds. Your only showing this to portray these yidden screaming about shabbos in a bad light.
    At the same time you write these weekly editors view about yerushalmi yidden how sweet and holy they are bla bla bla How the kids are so pure.
    You guys are no better than the Forward or Jewish Week. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!!!

  6. Pandemonium for the sake of a better share of the world to come.

    Forever Hashem is our King. We petition him not the wicked.

    What a cross we are trying to bear.

    Christianity has done well to expose the ways of men who hate prayer.

  7. By printing this & allowing a venue of hatred across your website, is a breach of tremendous loshon hora.
    Of course I don’t agree with these protestors; but I also don’t believe in open court hatred. When Hitler y”s
    killed Jews he didn’t discriminate between chiloni & chareidi. With Tisha B”av around the corner, you might want to be reminded why the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed,,,,,,,

  8. This is not a chillul Hashem. It is a kiddush Hashem! There is nothing more beautiful than the Jewish people standing up and protesting chillul Shabbos in Yerushalayim ir Hakodesh. We in America sit quietly on Shabbos reading our Jewish newspapers and magazines which fill our heads with mainly naarishkeit and often forget about the chillul Hashem of the Kavod Shomayim being trampled on in the holiest city on earth. I think all Yiddishe kinderlach should feel proud of these boys regardless of their motives. I would gladly show my kids this.

    • I think all Yiddishe kinderlach should feel proud of these boys regardless of their motives

      If someone is screaming at someone else and their motive is not 100% L’Shem Shmoyim there is no way it can be thought of as a Mitzvoh. And even if they are 100% L’Shem Shomayim their behavior is still questionable at best.

  9. What many of those commenting here do not realize is that for a business to be open in Yerushalyim is not just against the Torah, it is also against both the law that applies in all of Israel, which prohibits business to have people working on Shabbos because its a “day of rest”, and also against what was accepted at law in 1948 to keep the status quo that existed at the time. And in Yerushalyim the status quo was that business are to be closed on shabbos.
    So the people in those stores and cafes are not simply going about their business, they are doing something new, something that was not done for decades, and they are doing it because they want to make money and to make more money till the law is finally enforced against them, which eventually it will.
    As such the frum yidden are not just there to tell them about the kedusha of shabbos. They are also there as citizens who are demanding of those openly breaking the law to cease from doing so. And in this role they are not there to tell people musar, but have the right to demand that the law be upheld. And in doing so they are not required to politely request it because it is not a request, but a demand of those busines owners who are merely the 1st to have decided to break the law. And if others see that they can get away with it without consequence many others will follow.

  10. I wish my return flight to America was a few days later. I returned at 12 noon missing the 5 pm protest. There are now 225 stores open Shabbos in Jerusalem. We must protest every day.


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