Watch: Chilling Video Of The Parkland Florida Shooter Talking About His Plans Has Been Released



  1. The corrupt FBI knew about him. They were warned about him. The corrupt FBI chose to sit on their hands and do NOTHING! Not one person in the corrupt FBI has been fired because of this! Pretty boy Chris Wray is still sitting at his desk collecting his taxpayer funded salary. The inept incompetent Jeff, I’m scared of my own shadow, Sessions is still at his desk collecting our money. I agree with Adam Schiff. Jeff Sessions should be in a prison cell for abandoning the American taxpayers!

  2. All posters above parroting fake news.

    Most readers would prefer watching the interviews of the teachers and students at the time of the shooting (unless you’re scared people will stop listening / watching / reading CNN and other Fake News once and for all). A far cry what mainstream is trying to shove down your throats.


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