Watch: Chassidim Sing “Mincha” With Local Resident in Anipoli, Ukraine



  1. someone please explain this
    70 years ago these jews would have been shot on the spot right there just for being jews
    what is the purpose to go back there and feed even 1 dollar to the local economy

  2. Going to the devoid of Jews Russia(or whatever they call it now), singing and embracing with the Russian goyim, while turning away the actual Russian Jews in the US and E”Y. Insanity caused by the extreme superficiality? What makes these guys followers of Baal Shem Tov?!

  3. Ukraine is soaked with Jewish blood , why in the world go there and try and make nice with the locals who only want us dead and who’s grandparents wouldn’t have hesitated to kill a new the second they had a chance.

  4. Why are you causing me to watch a video of Moshav Leitzim? Mr. Editor-I don’t believe you learnt any gemara today because if you do you wouldn’t post this. Please don’t post my comments : )

  5. Misguided people making choizik of the kedusha of Teffila. Very sad indeed. And btw, you can’t daven Mincha within daled amos of a ferd.

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