Watch: Charles Krauthammer: A Look Back At His Legacy


A look back at the life and career of the prolific political legend.



  1. Krauthammer lost the entire respect from many when he voted for the Devil Hillary the Crook rather than for Donald Trump because he believed “there was evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government”.
    He was a Never Trumper who was affiliated with the Deep State.

    • Trumpets at work again. Can’t accept that true Conservatives were, and still are skeptical of Trump, because once a lib, always a lib, as we see with Trump’ s trillion dollar stimulus plans, his attack on free trade, his lack of morality.
      The Trumpets cant stand anyone who’s deosnt regurgitate Hannity. Never mind that Hannity has done a complete 180 on issues, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters to them is bowing to their majesty Trump

      • Love seeing these sheeple continue their whining for their “conservative” majesty Hillary. For the satisfaction of the “libs”, just keep up your whining for another 7 years.

  2. Charles Krauthammer was knowledgeable, intelligent and insightful. It was a pleasure to read his weekly column, because you knew he’d always make his points well, with facts and data to back them up. He was a conservative, but he was clear-eyed and open minded and when his personal opinion differed from conservative orthodoxy he had no qualms articulating that opinion in his usual forthright manner. His diving accident that left him confined to a wheelchair for life did not diminish him – he finished earning his medical degree and then switched careers, becoming an award-winning and widely respected columnist. When he was informed of his grim prognosis he handled the shocking news with incredible grace, accepting his upcoming death with bravery and sans regrets.

    I’ll selfishly miss reading his opinions and the opportunity to view current events from his perspective. Unfortunately, he was completely secular, but I always appreciated his well-informed, persuasive columns defending the Jewish state. May his family be consoled with the knowledge that his life, although shorter than we all would have hoped, was exceedingly well lived.


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