Watch: Charges Dropped Against Teen Suspect In Murder of Rabbi Yosef Raksin in 2014


There’s been a stunning turn in the case of Rabbi Yosef Raksin z”l of Brooklyn who was murdered while visiting family in Florida. Prosecutors have dropped all charges against 17-year-old Deandre Charles of South Florida, the suspect originally accused of killing Rabbi Raksin in 2014, CBS NEWS reports.

Rabbi Rakain was visiting his daughter near Miami when he was shot dead early on a Shabbos while on his way to shul.

CBS reports that Charles was charged based on circumstantial evidence including DNA and cell phone records, but now prosecutors explain that the case collapsed, saying a “change in lab protocol” puts the DNA evidence in question. Additionally, a reevaluation of the cell phone records can’t place the defendant at the scene.




  1. Why is it difficult to catch a murderer who was on a bike. He could not have come from that far. You need to bring in FBI as they do when a black is killed by a white.


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