Watch: Chareidim Visit Har Habayis On Chanukah in Violation of P’sak of Gedolei Haposkim



    • Are workmen/artisans allowed inside the beis hamikdosh? Even if you don’t agree maybe their behavior can be justified as construction towards the Beis Hamikdosh! The world looks at the Har Habayes as the muslim Haram al Sharif. If Jews don’t show how important the Har Habayis is the world might pick the arab/muslim narative!

  1. there is a disagreement about precisely on what part of the har habayis the beit hamikdash stood. however, there is no disagreement on what part of the har habayit it did NOT stand.

  2. Very weird group. Why were they avoiding all eye contact with the video? Were they feeling a little guilty about possibly being chayev karais?

  3. At least they are not accepting the churban as the new normal. Goyim and foxes running about kodesh hakedoshim while we are going on with our lives as if nothing’s wrong? – now that’s a rishus. Following a halachic opinion that permits going up is not.

  4. All these guys are probably not happy – not successful — depressed. This is like instant farina. They are hoping for an immediate drastic change in their life.

  5. So sad! These people know very well that they have what to be seriously embarrassed of! Aside for the one self appointed Rabbi giving his speech they all have the decency and to look away from the camera. Their gehennom is sizzling! The Arabs get so upset at us for this! So aside for the Halachic dispute there is also the shfichus damim aspect because of what happens R”L afterwards. Nebach! Poor misguided people!


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