Watch: Chareidi Passengers Conduct Kumzitz On Plane During Flight



  1. Wow, amazing. Spectacular. Unbelievable. Kiddush Hashem. Me ki’amcha yisroel? It’s hard for me to see the keyboard because tears are flowing down my cheeks in torrents. Apparently the ladies seated to the right of the screen don’t share my sentiment. Their loss.

    • If you were one of the few non-Christian passengers on a plane where everyone else felt the need to have a “revival service”, would you think it was just as great as this? If not, then you can’t classify this as any type of Kiddush Hashem. I would say that this actually runs the risk of being a chillul Hashem, for that exact reason.

  2. Is this kumzitz GREAT or totally inappropriate and inconsiderate? If the same group would be gospel singers and singing gospel songs with frum yidden on the plane trying to sleep, learn or talk, etc. would that singing also be GREAT? Additionally, I believe we have somewhat lost the concept that we are in golus and we are not supposed to raitz on the goyim. Reb Yaakov Kaminetsky was against men wearing their taleisim in the streets of Monsey – 95%+ frum people – for that exact reason. We do not own the streets, buses or planes.

  3. Seriously? Didnt Shlomo Hamelech say Lakol Zeman? Why on earth is it warranted for a Kumzits on a flight? Why cant these people just sit quietly on a plane? What is it with them ? Singing should be reserved for specific occasions. Since when does one need to burst into song on public transportation? What about the feelings for fellow passengers who may want to just want peace and quiet?

  4. What about the passengers who wanted peace and quiet, especially if they wanted to sleep. They were not worried about Chillul Hashem?


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