Watch: CBS2 Picks Up Story About Excessively Loud Shul Siren in Brooklyn


A siren at a Brooklyn shul welcomes Shabbos, but neighbors say their complaint about the painfully loud noise has fallen on deaf ears. See Matzav‘s earlier report on this here.




  1. This Shul is wrong. Better solution is sent a text message to all who opt in. Stop the siren and change Shul name to דרכי נועם

  2. Why do you need it all together?? And why so loud?? I don’t believe people in other communities miss the zman because there’s no siren.. Let’s get real, be on top of the time yourself.. Do they have sirens telling everyone it’s zman Krias Shma??? Very disturbing.

  3. We don’t need sirens. We have watches. We don’t have to do anything unnecessary to stand out that could annoys our neighbors. We have to keep low profile as much as possible. We are still in Golus. It’s not our land and we are only guests here. We do not have to supply our neighbors with unnecessary “flammable” materials.

  4. I Bet all these liberal complainers have no problem with the Moslem Mosqe booming announcements. They vote Hillary and we will vote Trump.

  5. Its like this in Yerushalayim in every neighborhood. Its long, its loud, and it is looked forward to all week by those who wait for Shabbos to arrive.
    Why does someone’s zealous Mitzvah observance disturb another yid for no particular reason? If for reasons of chillul Hashem, it of itself is not a chillul Hashem. A chillul Hashem means “a whole lacking Hashems presence”. If their behavior is not proper, so that can be a chillul Hashem. But if President Obama says he loves the sound of the muslim call to prayer “the muezzin” and hundreds of jews in Lakewood have heard the LOUD church bells many times a day, I hard it find to see this as a chillul Hashem.
    The thing that’s wrong with it is that we shouldn’t call too much attention to ourselves in galus.

  6. compromise 3 points
    1. shorten from 90 sec to 20-30 sec
    2. maybe a jingle instead of a airraid seems that one particular building is right up against it so maybe muffle those 3 cones since the building is blocking the direction anyway

  7. We are still in golus – and there is no need to blast that siren. Perhaps they could change to a more pleasant chime – or better yet – stop altogether. I don’t want to hear about church bells – and next comes the mullahs – so cool it Satmar – and just keep an eye on the clock if you want to be in shul on time.

  8. @Rabbi E, the rule of the thumb is, if its NOT something we are mechuyiv neither al pi Torah and doing it in the name of Torah causes hardship to others, THAT’s chilul hashem.

    Making a moral comparison to church bells and mosques is wrong, cause Chilul hashem is when people, be it Jews or non-Jews look at us and say “hey look these are the people who claim to be the am hanivchar – better than everyone else, and look how they totaly disregard to the feelings of other human being” THATS chilul hashem.

    • Chilul H is when H’s kovod is decreased in the world – nothing to do with PR or the obsession with seeking of goyishe approval. If anything, a reminder to keep H’s mitsva, shabos in this case, increases kovod shamaim, and therefore should be classified as Kidush H. Making the sound shorter or lower might fall into a category of Darkey Sholom, but that’s a whole different halacha with different obligations than Kidush H.

      • Chazal teach us when Jews or non-Jew see yidden who supposedly represent values of Torah not acting with eidelkeit and middos, it’s a chilul kvod Hashem.

        One quick example, גמ’ שבת קי”ד
        תלמיד חכם שנמצא רבב על בגדו חייב מיתה שנאמר כל משנאי אהבו מות אל תקרי משנאי אלא משניא.

        רש”י: משניאי – שממאסין עצמן בעיני הבריות והבריות אומרים אוי להם ללומדי התורה שהם מאוסים ומגונים נמצא זה משניא את התורה:

  9. Bh I own a clock and bh I know how to tell time. I don’t need any stupid siren To Signal Me anything. If someone doesn’t know Shabbos is coming until he hears the siren, he has serious problems.

  10. Rabbi E. is 100% correct! I have a right to do whatever I please, after all- America is my home! and all those Goyim who don’t like it can leave! this is my country and I……never mind.


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