Watch: California May Soon Break Away From The Rest Of The US


‘Calexit’ movement recently won approval to collect signatures for a ballot proposal. Co-founder of ‘Yes California’ talks about the latest push.




  1. California does realize if they leave the US the military goes, for that belongs to the other country, some of the banking goes, for that belongs to the other country, the helping money that comes from the US treasury is no more, etc., etc. This means they are on their own and has to provide all the governmental duties and coverage the major country usually takes care of. With all the illegal groups of people coming in and most likely will be on welfare, plus the homeless that are on government cover, where will all this money be coming from other than more citizen taxes that have to increase to pay for all this extra expenses. They better pray all their agricultural products are abundant and nothing happens that decreases them also.

    • California has more than double the gdp of new york which is ranked 3rd. California is ranked number 1 in gdp! Texas is 2nd.

  2. Please go and take the druggies and illegals with you. Take your Sanctuary Cities with you. Good luck and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • State GDPs, 3rd Quarter 2017[1]
      Rank State GDP
      (in millions $USD)
      1 California 2,751,302
      2 Texas 1,706,077
      3 New York 1,111,714
      4 Florida 976,658
      5 Illinois 823,999
      6 Pennsylvania 750,923
      7 Ohio 656,190
      8 New Jersey 592,859
      9 Georgia 558,181
      10 North Carolina 546,144
      11 Massachusetts 530,675
      12 Michigan 517,865
      13 Virginia 513,776
      14 Washington 506,534
      15 Maryland 397,815
      16 Indiana 361,732
      17 Minnesota 355,665
      18 Tennessee 346,767
      19 Colorado 342,749
      20 Arizona 321,635
      21 Missouri 309,414
      22 Wisconsin 290,902
      23 Connecticut 263,834
      24 Louisiana 244,472
      25 Oregon 239,200
      26 South Carolina 220,270
      27 Alabama 216,094
      28 Kentucky 205,448
      29 Oklahoma 190,723
      30 Iowa 190,103
      31 Utah 167,462
      32 Nevada 153,802
      33 Kansas 153,307

      District of Columbia 132,366
      34 Arkansas 127,839
      35 Nebraska 119,983
      36 Mississippi 112,946
      37 New Mexico 98,526
      38 Hawaii 88,144
      39 New Hampshire 80,226
      40 West Virginia 77,665
      41 Delaware 75,733
      42 Idaho 72,191
      43 Maine 61,779
      44 Rhode Island 59,722
      45 North Dakota 55,643
      46 Alaska 52,210
      47 South Dakota 48,810
      48 Montana 47,820
      49 Wyoming 41,284
      50 Vermont 32,284
      Total United States 19,384,746

  3. Hillary would be very fitting to be the President of California, the most corrupt G-dless, lawless state with the highest level of immorality and filth; a state that targets homeschooling for excluding immorality in their children’s education; a state that wants to ban the Bible and criminalize book stores that sell them; a state where dangerous vaccinations are mandatory.

  4. Last I checked, the Confederates lost the civil war. Their loss means that states cannot secede from the Union.

  5. they may have the highest GDP but which major companies will stay there instead of moving to the US
    the US army air-force and naval bases will all be closed all federal facilities will be closed anything that the federal government does in california will be stopped
    they will have to negotiate trade agreements with the us and other countries
    people will leave in droves to the US

  6. What’s the story with Staten Island. They’ve been threatening to break off for the longest time.


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