Watch: Bruce: Americans Know Trump Loves The US


Radio host and columnist Tammy Bruce on the over-the-top reaction of the mainstream media and politicians to Trump’s Putin press conference comments.




  1. Oh, so CNN admitted that there’s a Shadow Government.

    Bruce, how do you “know” that the Russians “did meddle”? Do you know something Mueller is not aware of?

    • He knows what Trump just admitted to today in a press report. That he trusts the intelligence agencies of the USA .

  2. Obama and Clinton and the Deep State and Communist spy are panicking and want Trump impeached, or better yet assassinated, because they know that Putin revealed more bombshells – some of which were already reported on Real News. Can’t wait for Trump to share the others.

  3. on trump my kumahmelon…the big question was on obama but we all know the answer ”CITIZENS OF THE WORLD’, CUT DOWN ARMY, TIE POLICE OFFICERS HAND BEHIND BACK ETC’


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