Watch: Breaking Down The Las Vegas Massacre Conspiracy Theories


Retired Las Vegas Police Department Lieutenant Randy Sutton offers insight on ‘Watters’ World.’



  1. Randy Sutton is either a liar and belongs to MSM fake news, the FBI or CIA or he’s just hiding his head in the sand making belief all’s fine and dandy.
    Mr. Sutton, if people heard that woman say they were all going to die 45 minutes before the attack and saw her being escorted out by police, why would you say it’s not true just because you yourself didn’t hear it and didn’t see her?
    Why has the FBI confiscated videos and computers of witnesses and wiped them clean before returning them?
    Why has Google deleted videos that did not push the official MSM story on the Paddock tale?
    Why have so many witnesses disappeared or were killed?
    The security guard very likely was not “spirited away” by his lawyer but was “taken care of” by the FBI/CIA.
    Why’s the timeline on the videos different than mainstream bogus story?
    Why did Paddock need so many weapons in his room? Did he have 30 hands to shoot from?
    And the timeline that keeps changing- you didn’t remark on that and just said that the FBI / CIA need to decide what [phony story] to tell the public.
    Why are the FBI and CIA hiding the truth? Or rather, what did they accomplish with their ties to all this?
    And if you don’t think there were multiple shooters and accomplices and Paddock did it all on his own, doesn’t he deserve to be entered in the Guinness Book of World Record for being the first person to kill and main almost 600 people in about 4 minutes and having the clarity of mind to kill himself afterwords?
    People are not stupid. There are many many more inconsistencies that don’t add up to mainstream phony story they’re trying to brainwash the public.

    • Now THIS is progress. Unlike the repressive asylums and sanitariums for the mentally ill of yesteryear, nowadays the afflicted are housed in humane settings with many of the trappings of normalcy, including internet connectivity.


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