Watch: Borough Park Oldest Shul Hangs in the Balance


A developer is looking to raze the oldest shul in Borough Park, while some congregations members are fighting against its destruction.




  1. What smells fishy about the deal is when I heard that the shul has to give back three million dollars and only then have a first floor shul. That means these money hungry builders will get the property for free. Con artists all the way!

  2. nothing fishy instead of an old shul falling apart tghey will get a new shul and additional desperatly needed housing its a win win- the shul is pretty empty these days and will only benefit with a nice new shul attendence will rise

    • So Ruby
      Why does the Shul have to give three million dollars to have a first floor Shul. Why don’t they give the first floor free.

    • “old shul falling apart”

      There are many buildings in NYC and elsewhere older than this one. 110 years is not so old for a house of worship. In Europe and the USA there are Shuls hundreds of years old. Buildings can last for hundreds of years if maintained well. This building does not appear to be in such terrible shape. If it has some minor challenges, like many buildings, some skilled TLC should be able to put things in order.

      “additional desperatly needed housing”

      To line the builder’s pocket?

      “with a nice new shul attendence will rise”

      That is not necessarily so. Some people prefer an older Shul, with class and history. There are many other Shuls in the area that people go to. Some fancy new Shuls have many empty seats.

      If the halacha is that it cannot be done, such questionable arguments are not relevant anyway.

  3. Would be true if the would’ve gotton something real in return. Instead, the shul is getting only $100,000 for a $4.5 million property.

    And all this was done behind the members’ back.

  4. If a sale is done hush-hush with many of the members/mispallelim not infomed about it, GIANT RED FLAGS HAVE BEEN RAISED. Look into the history of the builder, see what happened in the past, in Williamsburg, with other Shul(s).

    Additionally, there is a major halachic question involved, about the issur to be סותר a Beis Haknesses.
    !לא תעשון כן לה’ אלקיכם

    Rabbi Yair Hoffman has written about it, and also spoke about this case in the most recent episode of his new weekly (Tuesday evening, 7pm, 620am) Halacha on the Line radio program, where he spoke with someone connected with the Shul for forty years, who spoke strongly against it.

    A judge issued an injunction against construction, but people need to remain vigilant, especially in today’s hot real estate market in NYC, of people taking advantage of old Shuls.

  5. If its even remotely associated with chabad, you have conflict. Its not even a chabad shul as they claim it to be. I wonder if it had nothing to do with chabad would they still jump up and down for it or let the other Yidden fight amongst themselves? What a shame.

  6. Ruby: I guess you’re not a mispallel, or didn’t step into this shul ever (the other option is that you’re also part of this $$$$$…..), EVERYONE IS INVITED TO COME IN SEE FOR YOURSELF that the place is nice, and full of mispallelim (two packed minyanim Friday nigh!) And converse with the mispallelim
    what these ganovim are trying to do.

  7. I was never there but I agree with the comment that they should hound the reform temple on 46 st. Give them your three million dollars and buy their temple. It’s a better area. In the shmaltz of Boro park. Leave the real Shuls alone.

  8. So much suspicion to go around but Lubavitch has a long tradition of occupying shuls, claiming to be members and blocking sales. Ask anyone with experience.

  9. Ruby,
    There is NO halacha in any case differentiating, how many mispallelim a shul should have, as long as there is even ONE minyan of ten, you have no right to touch that Shul. That is why Daas Torah should asked not a few greedy money hungry developers.

    And again, if you think you or anyone else involved will benefit out of this deal (asides playing with fire), there is an halachik guarantee :
    אינו רואה סימן ברכה לעולם


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