Watch: Blindfold Deep Fried Chanukah Challenge


Why do we only fry latkes and donuts on Chanukah? Jew in the City’s Allison Josephs, Jamie Geller (Joy of Kosher), Josh Jay ( The Maccabeats) and Mendy Pellin (Jewbellish) team up to blind taste test all the other whacky, yummy, and disgusting foods you can fry.




  1. Really disappointed in

    I am loyal to your website specifically to get pure Torah oriented news.
    Not to see videos or photos with women in them.
    Especially playing some exciting games with men….
    I can go to youtube to get these…

  2. I have always trusted Matzav for their reporting of up-to-the-minute news in a torahdik way.

    I was really quite shocked to this see this video on a site I hold is such high esteem. While I am not by any means a ‘frumie’, I find it quite inappropriate to share a video of men and women laughing and joking together and acting in a manner that is not exactly tzinusdik.

  3. Why is everyone so shocked? The little immature kinderlach that run are modernisheh kids from the 5 towns. They never worked a day in their lifes.

  4. please remove this video . this is very inappropriate for a torahdik website. not only is this hashkafikally very wrong, there is very possibly a true issur taking place at this ‘game’.

  5. Men and women having a fun time together for all to see on a publicly disseminated video. By secular standards this video is fun and harmless. But is this a secular website? Does the behavior of this video meet Torah standards of appropriate behavior? I hope that you answer ‘no’, otherwise I will question your Torah education. Or maybe you don’t intend to reflect Torah values? Then please stop pretending.
    So why would Matzav care if they post a something that provokes angry comments? It only generates more hype, more readers and more ad revenue.
    Until of course it spurs an alternative website that actually does live up to what it claims to represent. I hope that happens. If anyone reading this agrees with the sentiments expressed in this comment and the others posted here and has the abilities to start a website that does live up to what it claims to represent, I urge you to do so for the benefit of all.


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