Watch: Betsy DeVos Calmly Responds to Obnoxious Bernie Sanders: Would You Be Here If You Weren’t A Multi-Billionaire?


From the Senate confirmation hearing for Donald Trump’s secretary of education nominee.




  1. Always curious to know how the mainstream media would reply if one of their people were asked such an obnoxious question or whatever they do is always assume to be good because they’re the ones who did it and no matter how bad the results are it’s the intention that counts But when they go after republican the only thing that matters is the seriousness of the charge whether they have any basis for it is a relevant these guys are going to end up in a very hot place one of these days

    • Bingo! You hit the nail on the head.
      Just be careful. The Thought Police may come after you. One is not allowed to point out duplicity when it applies to the left.

  2. everything in life today is GELT GELT & MORE GELT. very sad.

    is this what yiddishkeit life is really about? is that why we are sent down to this temporary world? we all know this world is the olam hasheker (the false world) & the olam haemes (the real true world) is upstairs.

    may it soon become part of all of our lives to realize this


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