Watch: Berry Weber Sings ‘Nekom’ With Shloime Dachs Orchestra and The Zemiros Group


Song originally recorded: MBD
Composed: Eli Klein (Israel)
Conducted: Zvi Rada
Music Notation: Shimmy Markowitz – A Musical Note
Choir: The Zemiros Group
Mixed & Mastered: Aryeh Kunstler – Roar Recording
Audio: Koby Netanel – YitzKo Productions
Video: Motty Engel

Zvi Rada – Keyboard
Eran Asias – Drums
Eli Joseph – Guitar
Shaya Lieberman – Bass
John Tendy – Sax/Flute
Ben Holmes – Trumpet
Brian Bonvissuto – Trombone
Earl Maneein – Electric Violin
Joel Polatseck – Zemiros Group


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