Watch: Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley Speech Met With Protests, Heavy Security


Conservative radio host Ben Shapiro gave a speech at the University of California Berkeley on September 14. The university took extensive and costly security measures for the event which was met with protests.




  1. Why speak to people who hate really hate you? A total publicity stunt. Ben this is not our country. No one cares what the jew boy says. Wear a turban you will get better results.

    • He’s not a maggid that goes around from place to place to speak. He went because he was invited to speak.
      And why shouldn’t he wear a yarmulke?

    • Seems like you got misinformation. The people who he was speaking too were many conservatives!! He was INVITED to speak to them. It was people at UC Berkley who were not thrilled who were protesting.

      What it with some of you who cannot handle a successful Orthodox Jew who may not be at the same level as frumkeit as yourself? Why so negative? The funny thing is if that same person gave lots of money to Yeshivas you would have a totally different opinion of him.

    • If we don’t make our best effort to arrest the power grab by the fascist-liberals, they’ll come into our communities and schools next. Would you like shchita and kaporos to be outlawed, mila forbidden, yeshivos forced to praise toeiva?!

    • How do you “seat the hate”? Perhaps you have an aquaitance named Hate who gets to seat next to you at Mad Hatter’s tea parties? Do you own a set of dentures dedicated for biting enemies, hence referred to as “war teeth”?


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