Watch: Ben Shapiro On Left’s New Tactic Of Harassing Trump Officials


Daily Wire editor-in-chief sounds off on public shaming of Trump officials.




  1. You don’t have to worry that Republicans will mimic these attacks, because the Sodomite Liberal Justice Dept will arrest Republicans who take revenge while the Democrats will be allowed to continue their violence.

    But we must give credit where credit is due. So we will say thank you to Obama for bringing the Democrats to such a despicable low level of hate, corruption and violence.

  2. So Hillary claims she won 3 million more votes? How’s that? Did she pick up these voters from the illegal immigrants? From the borders? Cemeteries? Duplicates?

    • Ben is Shomer Shabbos. I see him regularly in Glatt Kosher restaurants in the L.A. Area. He usually has his Yarmilka on all the time.


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