Watch: Ben Shapiro: Kavanaugh Debate Was About….Abortion


If Kavanaugh were pro-choice, he would have been confirmed with 100 votes, says Ben Shapiro.



  1. Ben Shapiro is a liar. The Democrats’ anti Kavanaugh was just a way to get at President Trump even though they knew very well that Kavanaugh was pro abortion. They would have objected anyone Trump nominated, even if he’d been a Democrat.

    • The above poster knows what he’s talking about 100%. You need to get your FACTS straight and realize that Shapiro is not exactly what you think about him. Here it is:
      Kavanaugh in his own words: “If confirmed to the D.C. Circuit, I would follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully.”

  2. I wish to reply to you point by reminding you that trump is not god. Everyone is flawed and sometimes make mistakes. To say Trump doesn’t make mistakes regarding politics would be dishonest. Ben calls the balls and strikes. If you disagree with the call, make your own call. However to say Ben Shapiro has a personal vendetta against Trump would be intelligently inept. He has praised Trump as well as bashed him. So relax and taste a sip of intelligent coffee and shut off Sean Hannity.

  3. We’re a democratic society – let’s take a majority vote from the embryos themselves if they support abortion or not. When every embryo turns 18 years old ask them if they would mind if it were made legal to kill them now, ask them if they would mind if someone had killed them between 1 week and 60 weeks old.

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