Watch: The Belzer Rebbetzin Crying During Hafroshas Challah





  1. The “Challa” has to stay under the towel together with the rest of the dough until after the Bracha. Otherwise it’s not ‘Min Hamukof”.

    • Anonymous: If you are such an expert on Halacha and minhag, why isn’t it a framed picture of you in the background?

  2. I’m not sure if this is appropriate. Invasion of the privacy of the Rebbitzen?? I sure wouldn’t want someone putting a video of me on a website crying my heart out. It’s such a personal moment between her and Hashem. On the other hand, I definitely felt inspired by the obvious pain she was feeling for Klal Yisroel’s tzaros…..

  3. I cried too when I watched the video. A true isha chashuvah who is nos’eis be’ol.

    May HKBH answer her tefillos l’tov.

  4. If you watched, she separated the dough, but did not declare it to be challah until after the brocha. Her crying may be an expression of closeness to Hashem, pain over the situation of those she is davening for, or both.

    • expression of closeness, well perhaps…. pain over situation, well maybe…
      but one thing is definite. it is a Minhag Yisroal based on Segulos and Kabbalah brought down in Halacha, that the time of separating of challah for shabbos is a very auspicious time for a woman, the gates of heaven are open for her, almost as the time she goes to the Mikveh & parallel to the time she lights Shabbos Candles. the basic/main Mitzvos a woman has on a constant basis, an extremely holy time for each woman to use out wisely as sarah wrote and i agree with her, this is a very private time for a woman, using her precious moment to beseech Hashem for all good.. not the first time I saw this clip (or similar clips) dont think its appropriate to publicize. A Freilichin Purim May her Tefilois be accepted upon high


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