Watch: Battery Tunnel Collision Caught On Dash Cam



  1. Notice how after the crash, some stupid idiot in the white van, squeezes by the hit car. He couldn’t give a kishke about what happened and if everyone is ok.

    • How would the white van help anybody by stopping, is he an EMT?! Actually he did the right thing by continuing to go. Enough of people slowing down traffic just to take a look at an accident.

  2. Seems to me that the dashcam’s speedometer is off (or was altered?). There is no way he was only doing 14 MPH as he entered the tunnel.

  3. Dash cams are sharply on the rise for people that want to be able to protect themselves when an accident occurs. Insurance companies have been discussing giving discounts to those people who install them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a video is golden.

    • the guy who caused the accident was obviously a lousy driver or on his cell phone! Speeding has got nothing to do with this accident. The car on the left clearly crossed the divider and entered the right illegally.

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