Watch: Bagels n’ Greens’ Wide Variety of Chanukah Donuts



  1. Wow, so the Yevanim won after all. Is this what you people are all excited about? We taka lost. The Yevanim must be smiling now.

  2. Greeks wanted everyone to be like spartans and play olympic games. So we have to do the opposite and eat lots of donuts to show them who really won.

    Like famous Homer would say:
    If Hashem didnt want me to eat donuts why did He make them so delicious?

  3. It’s a commercial, big deal. They obviously put time and effort into developing and baking these special donuts, and they takeh look good. BnG isn’t to be blamed for jumping on the bandwagon and pushing oily baked goods.
    The big deal problem is how donuts have become the center of Chanukah attention, so much so that now you would think they were the Maccabees’ special weapon in the war against the Yivanim. (If you think about it, donuts do go counter to the health-conscious Mediterranean Diet the Greeks supposedly follow today.) Just as I doubt that the Jews celebrated their victory by making latkes after they lit the menorah on the ninth night, I don’t think they made donuts then either.
    Times and tastes change: 45 years ago, we kids had chocolate coins on Chanukah, not donuts. And Sefardim probably didn’t eat latkes, because potatoes aren’t a big crop in those countries. A Sefardic friend’s mother used to make a kind of honey-lemon latke called “loukomades[?]” though.


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