Watch: Babysitter Caught Abusing Frum Infant



  1. The family deserves it. Would you give that GOYTA your GOLD bracelet?? Never mind your Diamond ring.
    I hate when family’s trust their cleaning lady’s.
    every one of them are the same.

  2. Terrible. That fat pig should be arrested.
    Having said that, this is an age old problem of Yiddisheh parents leaving their precious Yiddisheh kinder in the hands of aino yehudim. When will you idiots wake up?! Is everything about the almighty dollar?! You think you can just shirk your Torah given responsibility of raising your own Yiddisheh children by dumping them off to a goy?! Is everything about convenience? If it’s just “too hard” to raise them yourself, maybe you shouldn’t be having babies. What a Chillul Hashem when I see goyatas greeting Yiddisheh children as they come off the bus from Cheder! Do you know what kind of impression that makes on the neshama of a young impressionable child? Terrible, just terrible. Our Gedolim weren’t fearzach azei. And then these spoiled parents want to know why their child can’t concentrate in class. Fools!

  3. Results of broken system that sends yiddishe Mothers out to support families. This was the heilige plan that a goy raise our babies. hitler y”s must be laughing that we are volunteering our babies for torture.

  4. Crazy is the parent you entrusts her precious gift to a mexican goiyta.or whomever (can’t see clearly)..that’s what’s crazy! Why are you surprised?I daily see yiddishe kids entrusted to goyim but they make sure to hide their money or jewelry from them.What mixed up priorities these people have!!! A GOY IS A GOY…get that through your heads once and for all. Not that all of us are incapable of something like that. ..but to leave your kids alone with them…my goodness.
    I know you will all say arrest her ,charge her etc etc but I think it is the parents who need the biggest reprimand here!!!!.
    Sorry.I call it as it is.

    • And were it the opposite that the goy would kiss your child….would that be ok?
      Parents need to be around to kiss , to love to BABYSIT their child and to see them off and home from school/ cheder…or at least by a friend or relative.
      The world has gone mad.
      Either they are out shopping or they are running to work supporting their KOLLEL yungeleit…at the expense of?
      These heilige neshumas…thats who!!!

  5. Hardly abuse. For the kids thrown down stairs, burnt with cigarettes, have there fingertips slammed in a doorway, babies being fed with the tip of the knife, hit with a belt, yelled at for 12 hours straight—this is abuse. You are abusing and minimizing what real abuse is about. I could write a book about what happened to me. Where’s mama?

  6. Follow Hallcha and this wouldn’t happen. The Halacha says you are not aloud to have Yichud with a goy, you should not leave your child alone with a goy! pretty obvious why.

  7. I can’t breathe!!! This is so positively frightening!! I sincerely hope that the parents have the babysitter arrested and the child checked out by a pediatrician. I hope all will be well iyh!

  8. It looks like she is trying to be playful, but she could have serious hurt the baby.

    But as mentioned above about yichud, why did this situation start in the first place?
    An Aino Yehudi is a problem with a fried egg.

  9. Not abuse?!!! She is shaking the baby violently which can cause severe brain damage! She is an advertisement for the don’ts for shaken baby syndrome! In addition she dumps something on the baby’s face and swings the baby violently where arms could be severely injured as well! No parent should ever play with his/her baby this way! For those of you who think this is normal play, please, please take child care classes before ever watching a baby! Babies are precious and gentle and need to be treated as such. A baby’s brain can experience traumatic brain injury from tthis shaking! So while it as another poster mentioned that it is not burns or hits,it can cause even far worse long term damage! Yes this is abuse!!! Anyone treating a baby this way should be arrested for child abuse!

    • The abuse is not only the handling of the child…the abuse is letting the goy babysit in the first place.
      There are many jewish woman looking for work for a dollar or two more maybe….and your precious neshumas deserve that.
      This whole babysitting, walking the avenue or home aid babysitting kids (my neighbor also has a mexican wait for her kids off the bus, kisses them…eats with them etc etc)my goodness, this is sick!!!!
      Can’t take care of them…don’t have them.
      Leave them by a yid, friend or family…
      They deserve that much.

  10. I watched the video and read the comments posted so far (last one I saw was from Frimack). Not going to comment about the video but have another serious question to those who posted a comment regarding leaving kids with goyisha help.

    Before you accuse and before you ramble, perhaps offer a clear and concrete suggestion to the hundreds (if not thousands) of wonderful loving caring and super yiddisha mothers (and their husbands) who wish they were able to stay home and raise their kids, who cry every day that they need to leave their children to go out and help support their families financially. What in the world are these people supposed to do? The tuition is crushing them, affordable housing is non existent, the bills are staggering the summer camps are asking for their money already and the list goes on and on. Food prices are insane, clothing prices are off the charts and the cost of living is still rising. The pressure to get by just week to week or month to month is paralyzing. How about we offer a suggestion or at the very least a bit of sympathy for what they are going through.

    Of course I am not talking about the rich who choose to allow their kids to be raised by goyim. Those who financially can afford to raise their own kids but choose not to perhaps deserve whatever results they get from such a choice. Parents who can afford to be home and raise their kids but choose to free up their time and allow goyta’s to take care of their kids have only themselves to blame if these things happen or if their kids grow up without any appreciation for their yiddishkeit.

    But, please, take a breath and care deeply for those struggling families who just do not have a way to live if not for both parents working. These Neshomos Hatihoros deserve only our care, teffilos, concern and assistance. They absolutely do not deserve to be harassed or judged.

    • There are yiddish speaking woman babysitters…look u will find them..Russian. even heimish and plenty woman babysit in their own homes. No need for goying raising our kids. No excuse…

      • And you think they would never abuse kids? Dream on. Abuse can happen with any babysitter. The only thing we can do is try our best to choose a good babysitter and Shomer Psaim Hashem

  11. Well, if you entrust your child’s life to some illegal Gozales, just because she is cheaper than daycare, what do you expect? Returning home to a healthy baby, glatt kosher kitchen, and your intact jewelry? Dream on.

  12. I would never leave a child with an aino Yehudi!. This babysitter was shaking the baby which could cause trauma to the brain. Maybe she didn’t mean any harm and didn’t know any better, but, just the same, I wouldn’t have left my precious child with someone nisht unzerer.

  13. Hey @velt bazorger and @Frimack,
    at 00:28 you can clearly see the baby’s head snapping back to front a couple of times. What human being (or parent?) would do that? I don’t see how this can be defended as playing with the baby.

    And to @anonymous who lists horrible abuses to downplay this: your argument is misguided. There can always be a more horrifying example to be cited. By what logic does that excuse or minimize the lower scale abuse?

    You seem to have survived a traumatic upbringing. My heart goes out to you and I pray that you can overcome it and thrive. But how would you feel if someone with an even more horrendous story would dismiss your experience as “not real abuse”?

  14. keep up the system of wives going to work to support darling hubby
    then you get this

    last time i checked the wording of a kesubah
    it says i (the husband ) will support etc…

    every sect in klal yisroel chooses to ignore what they want

  15. Anon – “A baby’s brain can experience traumatic brain injury from tthis shaking!
    True. However it is a far cry from abuse!
    Ignorance – yes.
    Carelessness – yes.
    Abuse – no.

    • Chochom, something that causes traumatic brain injury is not abuse?!!! You say that is true but that it is a far cry from abuse?! Ignorance and carelessness when abusive are abuse as well. As someone who has worked with children with shaken baby syndrome let me share with you what this “carelessness” can cause: Brain Damage, which can cause damage to cognitive and physical development and can cause paralysis or even death! I have worked with children with shaken baby syndrome and it is a very real and serious situation which can be prevented! Ignorance and carelessness are never excuses and still abuse!
      Carelessness -yes
      Abuse-still yes – look up the definition of abuse! Someone who causes shaken baby syndrome under the law would be arrested for abuse!

  16. How many parents are so proud their daughters learned a profession so they can brag that their grandbabies are sacrificed to peer pressure.

  17. Besides for the physical abuse what about the Ruchniyus abuse when we leave our kids with these goyim who than take them with them when their hungry to the local goyish Chinese restaurant? What does a little kid know not to eat from it if their hungry and want to eat some?

  18. Chana R.
    Leaving such a nasty message will just turn people off. You could have left the same message without the abusive language and it would be more effective. Remember our Gedolim who are known for their Ahava’s Yisroel would never use such coarse language.

  19. if yiddishe stores and schools wouldn’t raise their prices so high, then the mothers would stay home to take care of their children. but right now they must go out to work to support all the stores and cheders

  20. crazy! but as others said – if you follow halacha (& common sense) – wouldn’t happen.

    Btw- someone who leaves a goy unattended in their house has to Kasher their pots – their considered treif

  21. This is 1000% horrible and nothing like it should ever be allowed.

    The commentors who think that this is about “der goyim” need a wake-up call. “Unzer mentchen” do this too and we must protect our precious kinderlach from abuse from all areas.

  22. What is a ‘frum infant?’ Does he make brachos before he eats? Maybe he’s a tenok sh’nishba? Seriously, what does frum have to do with this terrible abuse?

  23. Frum, my dear, if you are looking for clarity…because you sound a bit backward …is a child from an orthodox observant home. DO U GET IT NOW?

  24. Hard to see the abuse clearly, if any. I do see abuse though by the commentators that have an issue with Kollel. Many women are in the workforce regardless if their husbands are in kollel or not. You seem to have an abusive agenda against those that dedicate their time to Torah studies. Sad.

    • You have a good point. According to the statistics of the Department of Labor, 70 percent of all mothers work. It has nothing to do with Kollel. Kollel peopleare less likely to have a live-in foreign babysitter. Just because some people learn in Kollel doesn’t mean that you have a heter to make up anything you want in order to put them down

  25. Wake up. It is not the issue of working. I work and have a Jewish woman watching our children
    Yes it costs just a bit more but it is worth every penny.
    We all need peace of mind to work.

  26. Wow, so many comments. Matzav must be raking in the big bucks. Good debate going. I side with those that say a young baby like that should never be left in the hands of a goy, no matter what the financial status is. It doesn’t make any sense to me. There are so many frum ladies that do this exact kind of work. Ok, sometimes you have to physically bring your baby to them. Big deal. That’s what we did for a number of years. Why support a goy when there are so many wonderful frum Yidden who you can support. This is a no brainer. As far as leaving a goyita in your house by herself, I once heard a shiur that it’s takeh not so pushut and one may have to kasher all their pots. And besides, there are known stories that goyishe house helpers/babysitters did in fact give the young Yiddisheh kids treiff! It might not of been intentional but lemaaseh they were mitamtaim the child. Shrecklach.


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